Thursday, August 18, 2011

VORTEX changed our lives!

Ok friends! This is the post we've all been waiting for!

Last summer we discovered this amazing hair dryer at none other than Target. To the untrained eye it looks the same as every other hair dryer sitting on the shelf. In fact if you go out wanting to find one for yourself there's a good chance you will overlook it at first. It doesn't stand out. It doesn't cost much. (24.99 in fact) The display does it no justice.

When you do finally find it sitting amongst the boring regular hair dryers and bring it home you will take it out of the box to see this:

One of the attachments is a clear cylinder shape.
*This is where the magic happens*

1. Start with damp clean hair
-I usually let mine air dry a little while I do my make up first
-With the blow dryer on the hottest/highest setting start inserting sections of hair into cylinder
-I usually have about 6 or 7 sections for my whole head
-Move the cylinder up and down the section of hair until it is dry and then use the cool shot button to set the curl
-If desired spritz with hair spray for a good hold
3. Let your dreads cool completely
4. Shake them out with your fingers or a brush if desired
5. ENJOY beautiful beachy waves for the entire day (sometimes even two!)

FYI- This is only our first post on the VORTEX... there will be many more.
It's time for you ladies to start submitting photos of your best vortex day ever! ;)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Guest in the house!

Guest blog time! Hi, I'm Megan, Kerri's sister-in-law! Kerri asked me to blog about a new piece of workout gear that I've fallen in love with, so here goes!

My favorite routine at the gym is a 45 minute spinning class followed by an hour of Zumba. As you may imagine, this results in a great deal of what I like to call "raining." Sounds a little classier than "sweating to death." A few months ago I had purchased a weird, huge headband that, if it starts to slide down, starts to look somewhat bank robber-ish... it does its job but it does not do it attractively.

I started searching for cute sweatbands and quickly found Sweatybands... I initially wrote them off because those types of skinny headbands all pop off my big Irish head almost immediately (even when secured with clips.) But then I saw "OMG... they don't slip!" in big letters on the website and started reading the testimonials on the site. The underside of the band is made of velvet which helps grip your hair (and absorb "rain") and there's a small strip of elastic so they fit snugly. There are dozens and dozens of pretty styles to choose from, as well! I picked out a cute black and white polka dot one and a pretty purple design and I just love them! I tested them out on a few walks and then it was time for the head-bobbing, hair-whipping spinning/zumba combo. You guys, it didn't budge! It was awesome! It did a really nice job of absorbing most of the sweat and channeling any excess to the back of my head... nothing is more annoying than drips running down your forehead!

Here are some pictures that my dog Pepper snuck into, I just have no idea how that happened! Oh, another benefit of the Sweatybands is that because they are pretty tight, they sort of give you that 60's hair bump without any of the teasing or hairspray. All I did was vortex (which Kerri and Lina should be blogging about very soon!) and then take a nap... Sweatybands can do it all!!!!

A very special thanks to Megan for being our guest! I don't mean to brag or anything... but she's kind of a big deal:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Problem solved!

One of my favorite dresses....ruined by the moth holes.

Tailor said mending the holes would draw more attention to them because it would pinch in the fabric. damn

I said, "What should I do? Buy a patch? (and by patch, I meant a Girls Scout badge, like the one I got for baking).  Tailor, with a serious face, said "yes".

Off I went to the fabric store, praying that I wouldn't just find the patches that I used to sew on my denim vest back in the 80's a la Debbie Gibson.  I found these instead!

I placed one patch strategically over the two holes and placed the other patch on the higher on the opposite side to bring some balance to the new visual interest on the back of my dress.

cue the choir of angels

I love the fact that I don't have to say any tearful good-byes to my dress. And I love that it only cost me $6.99.  It was quite a simple fix.  It took 5 minutes to buy it at the store and 5 minutes to iron it on.  It probably took more time to take all the photos and write about it.

Instead of trashing something, try to think outside the box to salvage it.  It might end up better than it started.

I leave you with the front view so you have an idea of what I was trying to save.  Good luck to you all who want to put a little sweat equity into your favorite things!