Sunday, November 18, 2012

Junk + Love = Treasure

While out thrifting with some friends we came upon this ugly coffee table from the 1970's.  I didn't even notice it at first honestly.  But when my friend said she wanted to bring it home I was suddenly jealous!!  Like I missed out on some fabulous purchase!  Oh no.  (Not sure what my problem was)  
Anyway,... at the last minute while we were standing in line to buy it (for $7) she changed her mind and decided not to take it.  YES!  It was mine!  Ha ha.  
 I decided I wanted to transform this ugly coffee table into a bench.
First things first:  Paint WHITE.  (my trademark color these days)
 Next I went to Joann's to get some fabric to make a bench cushion.  Unfortunately all the fabric that I liked was over $20 a yard and I needed 2 yards.  Ugh.  Couldn't explain that to my husband.  Buying a $7 coffee table to transform and end up spending another $40+ on fabric alone.  Oiy.
I had no choice.  I had to make my own fabulous fabric.  I bought plain gray duck cloth for $5 per yard and this cute stencil for $1.99.
 Then I went to town!  How cute is this??

 Love!  :)
 Next I took my 3 inch foam that I had cut to size at Joann's ($10 after 50% off coupon)  And layered my $6 plywood on top.

 I wrapped the fabric nice and snug and used my staple gun.
 Ta Da!  :)  I am in love with it!  And an added bonus:  I didn't permanently attach the cushion to the bench, so if I need to use this as a coffee table again, no worries.  Just remove the top and we're good to go!
 Not the best picture, but just wanted to show how big it is!  I think I may use it for extra seating when my family comes for Thanksgiving! :)
Ok... so all the totals so we can make sure my $7 thrift store purchase was worth it:
Coffee Table- $7
Primer- already had!
Paint- already had!
Fabric- $10 ($5 per yard)
Stencil- $1.99
Wood Board- $6
Foam- $10