Saturday, December 17, 2011

Glitter Makes Everything Better

I had a fabulous peacock-shade nail color on but sure enough after 2 days it was looking not-so-fab and lackluster (and even some nails chipped).

The dilemma? Take the polish off (which seems so wasteful after only a few days) OR keep rocking chipped polish.  Honestly, the latter pains me. (I'm so dramatic)

The solution? GLITTER! Good thing it's the holidays and you can get away with ridiculous and shameful amounts of glitter.

The result is a fun new color that extends the wear of your current polish, the glitter actually hides the chips.

Some Like It Haute by China Glaze

close-up of the different size glitter pieces.

I love it. And it turns out Kerri had the same idea on her nails! Except hers was Trophy Wife by Essie with the glitter on top.  Great minds think alike!

Have a glittery and Merry Christmas!