Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Importance of Pruning

No... this isn't a jungle. It's supposed to be my cute container garden.

Not much "contained" about this at all.

I knew my tomato plants were growing out of control.  But I kept procrastinating on pruning the plant.  Tonight, as we took a stroll around our neighborhood, I couldn't ignore it any longer. Started trimming...

Then I got on a roll...

As I was pruning, I couldn't help but to be reminded how important this practice is.  If you don't prune, not only will you have a horticultural hot mess but the fruit of the plant will not get as much nutrients and water because all the other branches of the plant are fighting for the same things.

Cutting off the branch without any flower buds or fruit

How true is this in our own lives?  Everything is competing for our time, money, resources, and energy.  If we don't prune the excess out of our lives, then the important "fruit" in our lives won't get the full benefit of our resources.  Tonight was a good reminder that I need to take the time and prune different areas of my life- whether it be clothes I don't wear to useless tv shows to household items I don't use.  That way I'm left with more time and energy to redirect to the important things in my life.

Here is the "after" shot:

Less jungle. More cherry tomatoes!

What can you prune in your life that would give way to more priorities in your life?

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  1. What an inspiring post! I love the idea of pruning everything in our lives! It's no coincidence that I just had a tree service here pruning all day yesterday! :) Our yard is twice as big! Room for more parties and BBQs! ;)