Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Power of a LIST

Hello my long lost friends!
Sorry about the MIA status for a while there.  I have no good excuse. But, I'm back. :)

This post on list-keeping may seem super simple to some of you guys.  It may seem almost so simple that it's not necessary to even discuss.  But I am going to have to disagree.  I have found that once you have the right kind of list that works for you, it will change your life!

A few years back Matthew and I were looking for a cabinet to add space to our small kitchen.  We wanted something that didn't leave a huge foot-print and yet held a lot.  We totally lucked out when we found this fantastic tall cabinet from IKEA (of course!).  When we brought it home and set it up we realized that since the doors are made out of glass it's also the perfect surface for a giant message board.

So along with the occasional love note we leave for one another on it ;) this message board serves for the LIST keeper of any items that we need to share. 

We keep our menu plan for the week on the left hand side.
Our daily "to-do" list is on the right hand side.
And Matthew's work out schedule is on the top so that I know when/where to find him! :)

When we were visiting some friends this weekend we found that they have a very similar system that they share in their kitchen (sorry for the bad quality photos... I snapped them real quick on my phone).

On the coolness scale this chalkboard wall rates so much higher than our glass wipe board.
When they bought their house last year they decided to devote an entire wall in their kitchen to be their chalk board.  They keep two main lists going: One for upcoming projects and the other for their monthly overview.

Ok... now on to my personal favorite and the list keeper that truly changed my life
(and no, unfortunately apple is not paying me to say this!)

In November I got my first iPhone!  There are so many amazing things about it that I love so much!
But honestly I think my very favorite thing is one of the most SIMPLE features. 

Every iPhone comes preloaded with a little yellow app called "Notes"


When you click on it it brings you to a list of any "note" that you have started.
I personally don't use them for anything other than a place to keep all my lists. 

Before my iPhone I had a list on the refrigerator for groceries. 
...and a scrap paper list in my purse for groceries. 
...and a torn off piece of journal list by my bed for groceries.
...and a post-it note list in my work calendar for groceries. 
...and possibly another scrap paper list in my car for groceries. 

Then when I actually went to the store to buy groceries I had no idea what I needed because my lists were scattered everywhere!!!  I would end up buying things I didn't need and then forgetting things I did need. 
I was a hot mess.

Now when I think of something I should add to the grocery list I simply grab my phone.  It's the ONE thing that is ALWAYS with me.  When I'm at home.  In my purse.  When I'm in bed.  At work.  In my car.  It's always right there when I think of something to add to the list.

Some of the other lists that have been really helpful for me to have nearby are shopping lists, my personal wish list (for when someone asks me what I want for a birthday/Christmas and I would normally have no idea), Matt's wish list, upcoming jobs, things to remember to bring home when we travel and items to freecycle.

I'm sure every one's most important lists are different.
And everyone has their own style for what works best for their list-keeping.
But make a plan and start using your lists more efficiently today and it will make your life so much easier.

I also totally recommend this take on list-keeping if you're up for some more reading!


  1. Oh what a great blog entry!!! Such great ideas! I always have lists going too. I've been thinking of just where I could do a chalkboard wall or section, it just looks so fun! Maybe a section of my side door?

  2. you are right on! I always feel more efficient with a list! I came across these that I liked:


    but then the teacher in me kicked in and I had to create my own in Word. I also have a master grocery list which I just put an "x" next to items that we need as we run out. Sometimes just looking at the master list jogs my memory of things that we ran out of and need to pick up. I'm not quite there yet on the paperless i-Phone lists, but they look fun! I get WAY too much joy out of crossing items off that I think I may be doing it paper & pencil style for a while!

    Love the cabinet by the way- gosh it's been a while since we've seen your place!!

  3. KeRRi.. I LOVE your blog!! this is fantastic, girl