Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Heart Freecycle

I hate to waste.  It's one of the qualities that I pride myself in but it's also one of my biggest downfalls.  In the spirit of non-wastefulness, I hold onto things thinking that I'll one day be able to make use of it.  I'm sure that most people could relate to this on some level.

If you find yourself in that dilemma where you know you won't use it but it's too wasteful to send to the landfill, I've got your solution.  Enter Freecycle.

www.freestyle.org is a great site to offer things that you don't want anymore to those in your community.  It's also a great way to reach out to your neighbors if you are also in need or something (I wish I had joined before I bought a punch bowl. Honestly! How often can you use a punch bowl??)

Here are some snapshots of stuff that I'm in the process of freecycling...

Someone is picking these 2 items up tomorrow!
Yep...a diaper genie refill for my non-existent diaper genie (I was getting rid of this for a friend... but that was a year ago) and a rice cooker that was abandoned at my house from my sister (over 2 years ago).  Please don't judge me. I swear I don't belong on that show "Hoarders".

Here are some other items that I'm looking for a home for.  Island-themed drinking straws, votive candles, men's cologne (that my husband NEVER uses), and filters for a water pitcher that we don't have anymore.

Here are some things that I already gave away in just less than a week:  an OLD digital camera, carpet cleaner, nail polishes, 5 bottles of baby powder.  The turnaround time has been quite impressive.  Everything went that day or the following day.

It is seriously addicting.  The feeling of euphoria to be freed from the bondage of these items is pretty amazing.  It's a feel-good project.
1. You feel good because you're not wasting but you're getting rid of "junk".
2. You feel good because someone else is going to make good use out of something that would've otherwise rotted in your house
3. You feel good because your bathroom cabinet once filled with junk now looks like this.

Not the prettiest picture but looking at this makes me so happy!
And 4. You kinda feel like a rockstar when all these people start emailing you wanting your stuff.  (I've ebay'ed before.  There's a lot more feelings of rejection in Ebay.  It's not for the weak of heart.)

I encourage everyone to look into freecycling their unused stuff.  It's really quite exhilarating.  I read a quote once that everything in your house should be either beautiful or useful.  Now that's quite a challenge!

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope we can all kick off the year on the right "uncluttered and simplified" foot!


  1. oh my god, there is no way on earth you could even come close to being a hoarder... your house is the most uncluttered place I've ever been in! This is a great idea though. I have a bunch of stuff like this, I should give freecycle a try. Do you have these people come to your house though? It doesn't seem very safe.

  2. @Megan- that was Lina that posted about free cycle. :) (but you're right she is FAR FROM HOARDER status!) yes people come pick up at your house. Most times you just tell them where you will leave it for them (side porch) and they come get it. It's actually a community of folks who belong to the free cycle community. Not just any Joe can read your posts or get your address.

  3. Very helpful info! Fun to read too!